My mouth is burning really badly what could it be and what can i do?

You seem to be suffering from a condition that is often called either burning tongue syndrome or burning mouth syndrome. The condition is medically known as glossodynia, and primarily involves a burning, tingling sensation in the mouth. In some cases, only certain parts of the mouth may be affected, such as the lips, or, as in your case, the tongue. It is difficult to say what could be causing this condition, as many different factors could be responsible. Nutritional deficiencies are known to cause burning mouth syndrome, and certain medical conditions such as diabetes can also be responsible. Oral infections such as thrush can also give you a burning sensation in the mouth. However, this will usually also involve a visible infection - your tongue would develop a thick, whitish coating on its surface. Since you have not mentioned any such symptom, this can probably be ruled out. One simple and easily avoidable cause of burning mouth syndrome is a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate, which is used in many toothpastes. You should therefore check the ingredients of the toothpaste you are currently using. If the toothpaste contains sodium lauryl sulfate, you should try using a toothpaste that does not contain this chemical. If this is the cause, you should notice results within a very short time, and at the most within a week.

stress and anxiety disorders are also known to cause burning mouth syndrome, so if you think you are suffering from such a problem, you should either get it under control on your own or seek professional help. Try to take up activities such as meditation or yoga for relief. Once your anxiety problem is under control, the burning sensation is also likely to disappear. The same applies to most other causes - for example, if you are diabetic, try to get your condition more stable, and the glossodynia symptoms will disappear gradually. Nutritional deficiencies may be difficult to detect precisely, but you could try to pay more attention to your diet and ensure that you eat a wide variety of healthy foods, so that you have a proper, balanced nutritional intake.

Unfortunately, not all the causes of burning mouth syndrome can be addressed so easily. In some cases, the burning sensation is the result of damage to the nerves themselves. This is of course very difficult to fix, and only medication may be able to ease the burning, tingling sensation on your tongue.

answered by G M

Treatment for mouth burns -

  • It can be stomatitis or an ulcer in the oral cavity.
  • This may be due to candida or other bacterial infections leading to swelling of the cavity.
  • Avoid all spicy, hot and even very cold food.
  • Take a homeopathic remedy called as Borax 30, 5 pills once daily for
  • 10 days.
  • After 10 days if still burning exist please take a another remedy
  • called as merc sol 200, 1 dose of powder once a day for 2 days.

answered by D M K

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