Home remedies for burned mouth while eating

All of us manage to burn our mouth eating hot food or unexpectedly swallowing a hot drink. Chewing ice cubes can offer you some relief. However you may find that holding cold water in your mouth give you more relief. This will keep your mouth cool. You can try holding a couple of ice cubes in your mouth. This may help soothe the burnt skin and reduce the pain you are suffering. Rinsing your mouth several times will also help reduce the pain. Five minutes after you have done this, you can heat a cup of water and add some salt to it. You can use this to gargle. You can try using some thick milk cream on the affected area. In addition to this you can put some sugar on your tongue and raise it so that it touches the burnt section of the mouth.

You will find that chewing on a sugar free gum gives you relief. Pop one into your mouth and chew well. You can replace the gum with a fresh piece of gum when you feel that the gum has lost its taste. You will find that baking powder does help reduce the pain. You can use some baking soda to clean your teeth.

You should take care to ensure that you don't eat very hot food. Try and eat food that has been cooled down to room temperature so that you will not be in danger of getting your mouth burnt again. In addition to his you should certainly avoid eating spicy food since the spices will only aggravate the tender skin. You should also stay away from hard food items. These will only irritate the already tender skin of your mouth. For this reason you shouldn't eat food items like toast, crisps or other such things which can cause pain on the already painful section of your mouth. Instead you should drink some soup that has been cooled to room temperature. You can also eat soft food like well cooked and well mashed rice.

If you are used to using mouth wash or any other oral hygiene product you should avoid using them when your mouth is still hurting. The burnt section of the skin will be painful for some time and the chemicals in these products may adversely affect the burnt skin.

Your food intake should consist of food items that contain Vitamin B in particular. Food items that contain Vitamin B and iron should be consumed.

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