Home Remedies For Mouth Pain Relief: The Roof Of My Mouth Hurts When I Swallow, Drink Water Or Eat Food. Why?

The pain in the roof of the mouth is a pretty common condition. Sometimes it happens that we consume extremely hot or spicy food which may cause the roof of the mouth to burn or hurt. This usually happens while consuming hot tea or coffee. Sometimes due to excessive burning, you may also experience one or two blisters or ulcers which may make consumption of any kind of food or liquid difficult. Baking soda is considered to be a natural home remedy for canker soars. Apply baking soda on the affected area and let it dissolve completely. It should be applied at least four to five times in a day and you will gain relief in a matter of three to four days. An oldest home remedy includes applying ice on the burnt part which will provide mouth pain relief.

Other home remedies for mouth ulcers include consumption of yogurt at least four to five times in a day. The yogurt will cool the area and the recovery time will reduce to a great extent. Fruits and foods which contain vitamin C and vitamin E have also proved to be quite effective in relieving sores in the mouth. Apart from the remedies, you need to take care of various precautions so that the burning or the hurting sensation does not increase and you are more careful in the future. Avoid all sorts of foods which contain any amount of spice and salt as these may increase the pain to a great extent and make things much worse. Before consuming anything, make sure that it is not hot as it may not help with the healing process. It is recommended to eat food that is quite bland in nature so that it does not inflict more pain. It is also advised to discontinue dairy products, tea, coffee and food with sharp edges such as chips. All these measures will give great pain relief for mouth. In case the situation becomes worse, please visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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