March 11, 2010

Causes of Dry Mouth and Depression

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Dry mouth, being a rather common problem, can be caused by a host of factors including depression. However, it’s typically seen that aging is responsible in most dry mouth cases. It is also likely that medication could result in this annoying condition. Thus, it is not necessary to jump to the conclusion of depression if you suffer from this condition. This condition can be bothersome rather than serious for most people. When your saliva levels drop drastically, what you are left with is this strange cottonmouth feeling. The problem arises due to the fact that this makes it tougher for you to swallow. As a result, simple actions such as eating your food or even talking can become difficult. It can eventually lead to distasteful breath as well. In some cases it might become so severe that it could lead to things like tooth decay and associated problems. When it comes to choice of food, one might find that it’s good to suck on fruit pits. You could choose from peaches, cherries and the like. These stimulate your salivary glands and help your mouth receive more saliva. Similarly gum or even candy can help. However, dentists advise that you pick the sugarless variety. Water and vegetables such as celery is good for dry mouth. Carrots and apples should be eaten raw. Do visit your dentist with regularity and ensure great care of your teeth.

How To Get Rid of Dry Mouth and Depression

As with other disorders, when it comes to getting rid of dry mouth, one has to look deeper, to treat the underlying issue. Dealing with depression depends largely on the severity of the case. When fighting depression you need to see to it that you are physically fit. It’s unfortunate that so many depressed individuals seek out alcohol when they should in effect be avoiding it. While coffee can help, it seems to be preferable in the case of mild varieties of depression. Just one or two cups, not more, should suffice. However, caffeine isn’t good for dry mouth. In some cases, garlic seems to do the trick. Along with other vegetables, it appears that spinach in particular can benefit those suffering from depression. This is because of the underlying folic acid deficiency which in many cases actually causes depression. In treating this condition, St. John’s wort is often sought out because of the way in which it elevates an individual’s mood. Do seek medical help in case you continue to suffer from dry mouth or depression.