Hi I get heaviness in my head and in my eyes always, plus sometime I feel nausea and a bit of headache. I checked my eyes they say they are good so, help me.

When you feel headache it is best to relax or sleep for a while in a quite dark room. This will help to get rid of the headache. Or simple massage your temples gently using the finger of your tips. Avoid rubbing your eyes when your head and eyes feel heavy, as this might cause burning sensation

Relax your eyes by following these simple remedies

  • Blink your eyes more and avoid any kind of strain on eyes as far as possible. Close your eyes tight and open them with force stretching your face too.
  • pressure on the eyeball. This will help your eyes relax and prevent headaches.
  • Drink lime juice with ginger juice in it when you feel nauseated.
  • Keep your eyes clean by splashing them with cold water 3-4 times a day.

answered by S P

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