My 11 years old son is having problem with headache and go to doctor check his eyes maybe that is the cause but his vision is 20/20

Headaches are a very common problem among individuals. However it is often ignored by taking regular medication to stop the pain. But this only gives a temporary relief; if the problem keeps recurring then it becomes necessary to know why one is suffering from this problem. In case you are suffering from headaches at least two to three times a week then this is not normal and should be taken seriously. Fortunately, for most children, headaches do not have any serious underlying disease as a basis for their complaints.

There are different types of causes that could lead to a person suffering from headaches. The buildup of toxins in the body leads to a decreased amount of oxygen levels in the brain cells which further leads to head ache. This could also be caused due to the side effects of certain medications. Headaches could also be due to food or seasonal allergy through nutrient deficiencies and oxygen deficiency since oxygen is used by the body to neutralize allergens which by the time becomes toxic. stress could be another cause for headaches. Besides, lack of sleep or any kind of tension which causes the tightening in the muscles of the face, neck or scalp could result in a severe headache. Blood circulation to the brain is very important hence when there is a reduction in the blood circulation it could result in headaches. Real migraine or classic migraine a very common problem is usually accompanied with nausea and vomiting. Headaches could be a result of an illness as well, like sinus. A person could also suffer from headaches due to vision problems. However in your case you have cleared this doubt as your son has a normal vision of 20/20.

In order to diagnose the problems many aspects have to be considered such as his medical history or hereditary problems. You must get a neurological examination done to identify any variations from normal. Also the doctor should try and address the child to see if there are any issues that he has not told his parents about. Massages do an amazing job as it makes the person feel relaxed. The intake of Caffeine and sugar should be limited. If your child is suffering from headaches due to a stressed lifestyle it is advisable to visit a physiatrist to avoid complications later on. If the issue is due to blood circulation please seeks medical help immediately. Even some kind of medication is a good option.

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