I am 40 yrs old and get headache and nausea if I consume spicy food. Also acidity aggravates during my menstrual period, I suffer from severe acidity & headache during my periods. Please can you suggest some home treatments?

Acidity is mostly a result of indigestion of food. Eating habits and timings for meals play an extremely important role in averting instances of acidity. Most people who do not follow specific timings for meals tend to suffer from acidity and indigestion regularly. This could cause a lot of discomfort to the individual. Acidity and headache are closely linked with each other, because one of the primary symptoms of acidity is a splitting headache that could cause you to become rather irritable. There are a variety of home remedies for headaches that have been well recommended over the years.

Identifying whether one suffers from hunger headache is the first step to curing the problem. People who have not eaten for long periods of time may suffer a headache because of the hunger pangs they experience. Drinking plenty of water will lower the acidity level of the body and curb the gastric juices that may be causing the headache. For people suffering from headaches, relief can also be obtained by a gentle massage of the temples, relieving stress that could be a probable cause for the headache. For people who do not have any fixed meal timings, eating smaller meals throughout the day is an effective way of reducing headaches and acidity.

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Please suggest some remedies as I am suffering from severe nausea, dizziness and headache from last few days?

While suffering from a headache is a very common occurrence, it is usually attributed to being the result of emotional disturbances, tension, stress and medical conditions such as high or low blood pressure. One of the lesser-known causes of headache happens to be suffering from a bout of acidity. Most people tend to attempt to solve a headache due to acidity by taking a few painkillers. However, this is not a recommended mode of treatment because of the fact that there is always the possibility that painkillers could have some very serious side effects on your body.

There are a number of natural and effective treatments for headaches. For instance, one could eat an apple along with a pinch of salt to help treat the headache due to acidity. The consumption of basil leaves are also known to be a very effective method of getting rid of a headache stemming from acidity. One could also consume a mixture of about 10 ml. Indian Gooseberry juice to which about 5 grams of raw sugar crystals are added. This should be taken about 2 or 3 times in a day. This will effectively treat not only the headache but will work towards treating the acidity as well.

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How to cure hyperacidity during menstrual cycle?

Acid reflux is caused when the acidity level in the stomach is extremely high and there has not been any food for the gastric juices to act upon. People suffering from acid reflux may feel the urge to bring up the food that they have consumed because of the level of acidity of the digestive system. Reflux is often acidic in nature and produces a burning sensation in the throat. Acid reflux and headaches, as with all other cases of acidity, are closely linked because a headache is the primary symptom of acidity. A well known cure for acid reflux would be to regulate the timings for meals, and to ensure that no acidic or fatty foods are consumed.

These foods tend to be extremely difficult to digest and put an unwanted strain on the digestive system. It has also been recommended that instead of eating three large meals during the day, these meals are broken down into six smaller meals spanned out across the day, putting less of a strain on the digestive system. If you seem to get no relief from hyperacidity, treatment at the hands of a medical practitioner is advisable because negligence can lead to the formation of ulcers in the stomach or in the digestive tract.

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Can gastritis problem cause headaches? What diet needs to be followed in that case?

One of the common effects of gastritis is headaches. Gastritis is primarily the result of the inflammation of the stomach lining. Along with the severe headaches, the patient is also likely to experience nausea, vomiting or a feeling of fullness and burning in the upper abdomen. The primary causes of gastritis happen to be habitual overeating, consumption of improperly prepared meals as well as an excessive intake of alcohol, coffee or alcoholic drinks.

Because of the fact that gastritis is a rather common condition to be suffering from, there are a number of natural remedies for gastritis that have been developed all over the world. For instance, coconut water is known to be extremely beneficial in soothing the stomach lining as well as subduing the symptoms of gastritis. Consumption of Indian gooseberry or gooseberry extracts is known to be extremely helpful in treating the symptoms of gastritis as well while the juice extracted from potato is known to be extremely soothing as well. The diet for gastritis is known to be probably the best method of treatment. This would entail that the patient maintains a three day fast with nothing but water being consumed, after which he or she should progress to a three day period of only fruits and then on to a well balanced diet.

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Try either baking soda in water, or both ascorbic acid and baking soda in water, but watch out for the fizz.

1ts BS, 2TBS AS in 1C clean water. Sip every few hours for either acid or for a cold. For flu, add lots more AS.

You might have too little stomach acid and it's being covered. Ask your doc about getting Betaine HC (hydrochloric acid) and take with food. Sometimes it is that you have too little due to stress and crappy food.

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