Head spins, nausea and possibly low blood pressure best way to treat need natural diet and vitamins info.

The problems you have described may be associated with low blood pressure. However, it is absolutely necessary that you first determine this as a medical fact and only then begin any kind of treatment for the same. The home remedies recommended below will help you to cure your symptoms.

You must begin by increasing salt intake to twitch your circulation. It is possible that you are having excessively less amounts of salt in your diet. You must also switch to natural sea salt as opposed to table salt. Increase your intake of beetroot and pomegranate, both of which will help boost your blood circulation and help you tremendously with the phenomenon of head spinning and nausea. You must also increase your water intake to about 15 to 20 glasses a day at least. This will work to improve your overall health. Ginseng, or Chinese ginger will also help you to get over the nausea. Try to eliminate alcohol, even in small quantities, from your daily lifestyle, as this will only cause further harm. If you must have a drink with meals, switch to buttermilk, which has the added advantage of being an excellent digestive. Walk for 20 minutes everyday. This will improve your health.

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