Headache migraine and nausea and bladder infection. I feel very weak?

If you are having so many problems collectively, it is advisable for you to go and see a doctor. It is possible that you are suffering from more than what is merely seen on the surface and only a doctor can help you out in this respect. Bladder infections can sometimes lead to nausea, weakness and headaches. But migraines are not a common side effect. In any case a bladder infection which leads to the other symptoms is also a worrisome prospect. This indicates that the infection is very strong and it needs to be taken care of using some strong methods as well. It is imperative you see a doctor at least for a bladder infection as it can escalate into something direr if left unchecked.

If you are suffering from migraines, you can begin some simple methods which will cure them at once. Migraines are typically accompanied with other symptoms such as chills, nausea, fever and body aches. Migraines may be caused due to excessive tension and stress. If this is the case, you must slow down for some times, otherwise you will not be able to fight the pain. To fight nausea, you can change your diet and bit to see if that makes a difference. Switch to eating light food which is easy to digest. It is best to have soups, gruel and broth to take care of your stomach during this time. This will ease digestion and add to your good health as well. You can also have your food with a touch of lime juice added to it. Lime is well known for its unique property of easing nausea. You should also increase your intake of citrus fruits. Not only will these help to fight nausea, they will also build up general immunity which will help you to recover faster.

answered by G M

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