Add Fragrance to Your Life with Sandalwood

by Garreth Myers

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood that is used in many holistic and alternate treatments because of its immense fragrance and benefits from it. Sandalwood and its products have found many uses in different regions of the world. Sandalwood is used in aromatherapy through incense and essential oils. Aromatherapy is a treatment option that relies on smell to improve your health and helps deal with symptoms. The sandalwood oil is derived from a steam distillation of chips cut from the tree. The essential oil can be used in any number of applications including perfume, ointments and of course, aromatherapy. Sandalwood oil is one of the important and widely used oils in aromatherapy.

The benefits of sandalwood oil include cleansing properties that make it symbolic even in religious ceremonies and rituals. Pure sandalwood oil is very strong and potent and should always be mixed with other base oils before using them directly on the skin. The oil is used as an antidepressant, antiseptic, and for its sedative properties. This oil works very well with other essential oils like myrrh, frankincense, patchouli, geranium, rose and jasmine.

Perfumes with Sandalwood

The sandalwood oil, when used in massages, can improve circulation and give a glow to the face. Its astringent qualities can tighten the skin. The oil is also an excellent hair tonic and improves scalp health. The pure oil is quite potent and has a long lasting, refreshing effect when left in the open. There are many perfumes with sandalwood extracts or oils too. You can buy these perfumes commercially or attempt to make them at home too.

In order to make a sandalwood perfume at home, you need pure sandalwood oil which you should buy from a reputed perfume maker or essential oil supplier. You would need some basic base oil like jojoba oil. You also need some more fragrant oils like musk or frankincense. Measure out and add drops of sandalwood and other essential oils. Now add some glycerin to this mix. The glycerin helps retain the aroma of the essential oils. Next, add the jojoba or the base oil. Once you have mixed it, apply a little to determine if it is too strong or if you would like to dilute it some more. Now place this mixture in a dark bottle and place it in a cool place. This bottle should remain undisturbed at least for 12 hours before you can use this as perfume.

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