Is it ok to apply sandalwood oil to cure chicken pox marks?

Chicken pox scars are rarely permanent and usually fade away with the passage of time. These spots of hyper pigmentation in very rare cases, last for longer than a year. The scars usually disappear within a month. However, you should make sure that you do not scratch the blisters, as these may result in a re-infection and cause the scars to remain for a longer period of time. If you are still blistering, a salt water bath is advisable for its curative properties, and soothing effect.

Sandalwood oil does help cure the scars, and can be applied from the time the scars begin to appear till the dry skin falls off. Apply honey liberally onto the affected areas, as honey not only lightens the scars but also revitalizes the skin healing tissues, and also acts as a natural moisturizer. Cut a lemon into half and gently rub it onto all the scars once a day.  Lemon works as a natural bleach removing the dead cells; it will also help lighten the scars. A mixture of lemon juice, powdered turmeric, honey and sandalwood powder along with a pinch of table salt can be applied regularly on the chicken pox marks, this works as an exfoliating scrub that cleanses the face off dead skin cells, allowing new skin to grow faster. Raw garlic rubbed onto the affected areas will also help in doing away with the marks. However, make sure you wash your face immediately after rubbing garlic onto it, as garlic is very strong and can burn the skin, thus worsening your condition.

Sometimes the scars get more pronounced as the skin produces excess melanin when over exposed to the sun. It would be advisable to use a sunscreen lotion with a sun protection factor of above 30 on all exposed areas of your body. You may also use cocoa butter on these areas as it will help counter the hyper pigmentation.

Your diet plays an important role in the healing process and hence it is necessary to eat fruits that are high in Vitamin C such as guavas and oranges. Food that is high in Vitamin K such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, green cabbage, dairy products, lean meat and liver will lighten the marks. Apart from these it is important to avoid all carbonated or artificially sweetened drinks and have a minimum of 4-5 liters of water a day. The water flushes out the toxins and ensures healthy, glowing skin.

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Chicken pox is a very contagious disease that usually affects children. However, when it affects adults, then it is usually very severe. Chicken pox is a disease which spreads through direct contact. It can also spread when we breathe in the air from an infected person. When one suffers from chicken pox, one complains of a fever, headache, weakness and also loss of appetite. The person also notices small boils all over the body. Usually these boils can be found on the trunk region. Sometimes these can also affect the face and in extreme cases even the eyes.  These boils can cause extreme itching and irritation. Sandalwood oil is one of the most effective ways of treating chicken pox. You should ensure that you apply the sandalwood oil on the body from the minute you recognize the symptoms of the disease and have been diagnosed. This helps protect your skin, by ensuring that no ugly and unsightly scars or blemishes are left behind as souvenirs of the chicken pox.  Another very effective remedy for the removal of scars is the regular application of Aloe Vera gel.  

You can treat chicken pox by adding some brown vinegar to the bath water. When a person suffering from chicken pox bathes in this, he finds that the irritation is reduced. You can also add some marigold flowers and some hazel leaves to a cup of water. These should be allowed to steep overnight. In the morning they can be ground to a paste. This paste, when applied to the rash can help reduce the itching. You can also use the water in which green peas have been boiled to reduce the itching.  An application of a thin layer of honey on the boils can not only help reduce the irritation but will also help you heal the rash. Oatmeal is another very effective way of ensuring that the disease leaves you without any scars. You can grind oatmeal finely and add this to your bath water. You can also use Vitamin E oil on your rashes since regular application prevents itching and also speeds up the process of removing the scars quickly. You will find that drinking a tea that contains chamomile, basil, honey, cinnamon and lemon several times, is very beneficial. You can make a soup of carrots and coriander and drink this at least once a day when suffering from chicken pox.

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