March 30, 2010

Infant Eczema – Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

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Common Causes

Eczema is a common skin condition in infants but can also affect a person at any age. The condition is generally characterized by severe itchiness, redness and inflammation of the skin, cracks, blisters and scaly formations on the skin. Eczema in infants is often the result of hypersensitive skin, allergies to certain chemicals, a family history of asthma, seasonal colds, hay fever and also exposure to heat, dry air, perfumes and soaps. Normally children outgrow eczema, but you can try a few simple skin care treatments at home to help provide immediate relief.

Natural Treatments

Keep the dry area of skin affected by eczema well moisturized. Use a moisturizer with an aloe vera base as this will keep your baby’s skin from drying up. Do not use any harsh cleansers and make sure to give your child a lot of fluids to help hydrate the skin from inside as well as out. An oatmeal bath is an effective remedy for eczema in infants. Prepare oatmeal powder by crushing two cups of oats and prepare the bath by stirring the powder into a tub of running warm water. Allow your child to soak in the oatmeal bath for about fifteen minutes and then wash with clean water. Dry the skin by dabbing with a soft, cotton towel. In severe cases, an oatmeal bath can be taken twice a day. It is important that you keep the baby’s bath water warm and not too hot. Excessively hot water may make the skin dry by stripping it of essential oils.

You can prepare a safe and effective skin wash to relieve itching and discomfort with comfrey root, elm bark and white oat bark. Take two cups of water and mix I teaspoon each of comfrey root, elm bark and white oat bark and heat over a medium flame until it boils. After this mixture cools, filter the liquid and use it to wash the affected area. Applying vitamin E oil directly on the area affected by eczema stops itching and promotes quick healing. Applying a paste made of camphor (one teaspoon) and sandalwood(one teaspoon)on the affected area helps alleviate dryness and itching. Evening primrose oil is an excellent remedy for eczema. Gamma-linolenic acid is an essential component of evening primrose oil and an effective cure for eczema. Another effective remedy for eczema is Margosa. Margosa has very good fungicidal qualities and applying crushed Margosa leaves on the affected region provides instant relief. It is important to reduce the possibility of eczema caused by allergies. Babies sometimes develop eczema as an allergic response to everyday products like detergents and certain kinds of fabric. Avoid dressing your child in synthetics or even wool and polyester. Loose, cotton clothing is ideal for relief from eczema and other minor skin irritations. Try to use pure soap for your laundry and for baths to see if it helps the eczema diminish.