January 27, 2010

Herbal Remedies For Glowing Healthy Skin

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Herbs can be used for healthy skin in two ways. They may be consumed along with the regular diet, and they may also be applied on the face. In both cases, it would be necessary to use them on a regular basis so that they can always have a healthy effect. One of the best ways to use the natural prowess of sandalwood, a product that can be consumed or used topically, is to keep the powder handy. Ensure that it is pure, as there is a great chance of all sorts of adulteration when it comes to an expensive product such as this one. Sandalwood when missed with rose water into a spreadable paste can be used as a face pack after a facial. It has the property of regulating the oil content on oily skin, of keeping acne away and of providing soothing and cooling healing powers to the minor nicks and damages that happen to the skin on a daily basis. Another excellent product that can be added to sandalwood is marigold or rose petals. These also have excellent powers for keeping the skin in good shape. An exceptional herb to apply to the skin would be a paste made with coriander and mint leaved, generously doused with yogurt. This would be an ‘any time pick up’ rub for the face. It will leave ski, feeling fresh and tingly. Simply scrub the face with it and wash with plain water. Rosemary extract can also be used as an excellent daily skin toner. Add a tablespoon of rosemary and two camphor tablets to a liter of water and let this stand for a few days. Use for nightly toning.

Healthy Skin Tips

Consumption wise, sandalwood is available in syrup form and can be had when added to cool milk. It tastes delicious and the natural cooling properties of sandalwood will help with keeping the digestive system clean. When this happens, it will show up on the skin as well. All the herbs that can be added to the diet will have a positive effect on the skin. In particular, parsley, mint and coriander will be excellent to keep the skin fresh and glowing. Another excellent herb that works beautifully to keep skin healthy is the leaves of the mustard plant. These are tasteful if eaten fresh and help to keep the skin clear of all sorts of regular anomalies. Mustard greens are also a hot favorite in winter.