March 19, 2010

Herbal Remedies for Bathing

Posted in Category : Beauty

An herbal bath can be used for remedying a number of things. You have not mentioned what you want to remedy precisely, so you can be made aware of a variety of herbal baths you can take. Keep in mind that most of these involve deep soaking. If you have access to a bath tub, the bath will always be helpful in its entirety. If not, then the benefits will be there, but to a far less degree. If you take a single soak in a tub, it will be as useful as taking about four baths otherwise. If you are having trouble sleeping, you should put some dried lavender flowers in hot water and let this be for about five minutes. The flowers will take that much time to release their fragrance. Soak in this till the water becomes lukewarm and you may just find yourself nodding off right there. If you find that you are tired and need to be invigorated, then you can have a bath with sandalwood powder and rose petals. Add about a couple of tablespoons of sandalwood powder and the petals of about a dozen roses to your bath water. Remember that when you start, the water should always be hot so that these natural products you are using have the time to release their oils and fragrances by the time you step into the bath tub.

If you are troubled with a cold, you may find it useful to have a few rosemary and chamomile leaves in your bath tub. This will be extremely useful in clearing up the clog that is bothering your sinuses. On the other hand, a bit of eucalyptus oil will also do the same thing. However, please remember that eucalyptus oil can be really strong. So be extremely careful in the amount you pour. Also, try and keep some sort of ventilation in the area when you are soaking in a eucalyptus oil bath. This is helpful, as the oil may very well get into your head and bother you. For a bath to pamper your skin, you can pour a gallon of milk in the bathtub and throw in the petals of a dozen red roses and a handful of marigold petals. Soak in this for a while and then shower off. Your skin will be baby soft and smooth to touch as soon as you are out of the shower.