Sandalwood for Flawless Skin

by Sam Malone

Sandalwood is a major and very useful component in Ayurveda and other alternate treatments which include home remedy options. Sandalwood is a fragrant tree that has tremendous medicinal and aromatic properties. Sandalwood essential oils are regularly used in massages and aromatherapy treatments.

Sandalwood is great for the skin. Sandalwood powder works best for improving skin tone and maintaining skin elasticity. Sandalwood also helps to reduce infections like acne and pimples that tend to scar the aesthetics of the face. A paste of sandalwood powder and rose water can be used to add that extra glow to the face. This remedy can provide relief from prickly heat as also from the irritation caused form continuous sweating. Using milk instead of rosewater can also provide relief for dry skin on the face. A paste of sandalwood powder and coconut milk or oil can provide a good face pack for soft and supple skin. This paste can give relief from sun burns and sun tans. There is even a sandalwood powder that can be used to apply and soak up extra oil.

Sandalwood Face Pack

A sandalwood face pack can even provide relief from skin irritations that are caused by allergies, or burns like scalds. It can prove very beneficial and soothing in conditions like eczema and psoriasis. This combination can be used to treat insect bites, burning sensation or even to control itching of dry skin. A combination of turmeric powder with sandalwood powder can be very beneficial for controlling acne and blackheads. This particular combination, used repeatedly helps reduce facial scarring.

Sandalwood essential oil has many benefits when it comes acquiring a glowing skin. The essential oil is often used in ointments and ready made face packs for its supple and malleable properties. As sandalwood oil has antiseptic and astringent properties, even adding a little to a basic-glycerin based lotion can make a big difference. It can reduce the oily residue of skin. Sandalwood oil along with palmarosa oil mixed with rose water is also a good dry skin treatment. Adding sandalwood oil to the daily skincare regimen ensures that skin stays fresh. It also helps if you add a few drops of the essential oil to makeup removal creams. Sandalwood oil is known to be effective for all skin types. Sandalwood oil has also shown some signs of preventing skin cancer, though there isn’t adequate scientific proof for this. Even ingesting sandalwood through milk or with pills is great for improving your immunity.

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