Teaching Children Self Control

Children self control is the controlling of their emotions so that when they undergo varying circumstances, they don't resort to outbursts. They control their feelings and try to view the situation in its correct perspective. They make decisions based on their beliefs and don't let their negative emotions take control over them. Kids self control allows human beings to think, plan and organize.

Self control for kids teaches them to open a window between experience and response and not be locked into a first response when faced with problems. Self control for children also teaches them to separate thought from feeling, to carefully consider alternatives and to sustain effort and focus even in the face of frustration, longing and boredom. Poor attention and hyperactivity are the results of faulty or delayed self control. Self control patterns stabilize and become fixed in children by 10 years of age and it may continue into adulthood. Self control in children may also be formed and set by age 7 and in some cases even before that. Sometimes, a change in the pattern of self control occurred in adolescence but this depends on the quality of parenting. Teaching children self control is not impossible; all that is needed is perseverance and positive behavior from the parents. Under the influence of parental behavior, self control pattern may continue to change beyond the age of 15.

Children self control is at a very nascent stage when they are toddlers. If they have ADHD/ADD syndrome and it is not cured, then the negative self control pattern will keep evolving. Kids self control can be easily influenced or improved by the way they are treated at home, school and society at large. The more developed the self control pattern of children will be, the more confident they will be. Their personalities will be more stable and they will grow up as emotionally secure individuals. In fact, low self control is linked very strongly with crime and it manifests itself in children at a very early age.