What Are the Behavioral Patterns That Show Low Self Esteem

The improper behavior children have certain patterns that can be observed clearly. They are generally hyperactive, impulsive and aggressive. They want to gain attention of everyone around them. They are insecure and due to this child behaviour, they want everyone to praise them and love them irrespective of whatever child behavior problems they might be going through.

Some children's behavior is too shy and they refuse to express their feelings to anyone. They struggle with their feelings and emotions internally. They might genuinely be suffering from some mental disorder but this largely remains undiagnosed by parents and teachers. Child behavior problems are generally seen in children with low self esteem. They are slow on the uptake and take a long time to understand or execute any task. In many of the cases of kids suffering from child behaviour problems, they completely fail to perform a task. Their comprehension and co-ordination level is very low and they are incapable at multitasking.

The child behavior is characterized by poor concentration level and the incapability to focus on any one task for a long period of time. They are hyperactive and easily distracted. They repeatedly perform those tasks which match their interest and completely ignore any other task. Generally, they perform inadequately in academics. Their fine motor development is poor and they are unable to accomplish such tasks such as tying the knot of their ties, shoe laces and combing their hair even at an advanced age of 8 to 10 years. They have learning disabilities and an incapability to carry out extremely simple tasks.

If their child behaviour problems are not understood, they grow up to be failures and unbalanced individuals. If their problems are understood at the right time and handled immediately, they may go on to be successful people. This children behaviour characterized by low self esteem can only be improved if their parents and teachers understand their actual problem and give them more time and patience. They should be loved as they are and attempt should be made to improve their lives by being along with them all the time and not ahead or far away from them.