February 19, 2010

Symptoms And Treatment For Viral Eye Infection Using Home Remedies

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Conjunctivitis is the most common type of viral eye infections. This is a rather painful condition that can cause sever discomfort. Also referred to as pink eye or sore eye, this condition is brought about due to an inflammation of the conjunctiva; the thin membrane that covers the front portion of our eyes. Conjunctivitis is not all that serious a condition and it generally does not call for any kind of medical treatment. The symptoms generally tend to subside on their own accord. When a person suffers from conjunctivitis the white portion of the eye turns red or pink and there is an excessive production of tears. There may also be a pus like discharge at times. This is an extremely contagious condition that is caused due to unhygienic and unhealthy living conditions. As it is contagious, it is easily transferable from one person to the next.

Symptoms & Treatment

Blurred vision, eye pain, tearing up of the eyes, burning or itching sensation in the eyes and a sticky discharge from the eyes, are some of the symptoms of this condition. Here are a few home remedies that serve as effective treatment options for this condition. First and foremost avoid rubbing the eyes, as this will simply worsen the condition. Wash your eyes with cold water two to three times a day, till the symptoms subside. An alternative to this would be the application of a cold compress. Refrigerate about 500 ml of water. Once the water is cold enough, dip a clean towel in it and then squeeze out the excess water. Hold the towel against the affected eye for a minute or two. Keep repeating this procedure till the water reaches room temperature.

Heat 60 ml of water in a small container. Once it begins to boil add two teaspoons of dried coriander leaves. Let the two simmer for a few minutes on a low fire, after which set it aside to cool. Strain the liquid into a glass and use it as eyewash twice a day.

Other treatments include binging on vegetable juices. Fresh spinach and carrot juice have been found to work well on this particular condition. A tall glass of any one of these juices should be had twice a day to reduce symptoms. Foods that are rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2 should be incorporated into your daily diet. These would include foods such as, papayas, mangoes, tomatoes, green leafed vegetables, pumpkins, carrots, yogurt, bananas, citrus fruits, milk and almonds.