June 18, 2010

Causes & Remedies to Loosen Rust Colored Phlegm

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Phlegm is defined as mucus that is secreted by the nasal membranes and is found under normal circumstances in the respiratory tract. Phlegm when produced in excess tends to result in constant coughing, sneezing or stuffy nose. This phlegm is then expelled while coughing. Phlegm is primarily composed of water and glycoprotein which are secreted by the nasal membranes. The consistency and color of phlegm may vary depending on the type and intensity of the infection. In a mild common cold infection the phlegm is clear and white in color. This infection tends to clear up on its own within a week and is not a cause of concern. However if the phlegm is greenish or yellowish in color it basically indicates the presence of pus in the mucus which may be due to a serious infection. This infection could be as serious as bronchitis or even pneumonia and may be a bacterial or viral infection in the respiratory tract or also be an inflammation of the lungs. Rust colored phlegm or reddish phlegm may be in some cases just some dried, old blood that for some reason managed to linger down to the lungs. Rust colored phlegm may also be observed in people who smoke on a regular basis. On the other hand rusty phlegm may also be an indication of a serious infection such as tuberculosis as bloody or rust colored phlegm or sputum is one of the symptoms of tuberculosis. This infection requires immediate medical infection as it is contagious and if untreated may even be fatal.

Those who are suffering from rusty phlegm or any other colored phlegm should literally double the intake of water and other liquids as this will prevent the phlegm from getting thick and thereby making it even more difficult to expel. Fluids tend to loosen the phlegm and ensure that it stays thin. Similarly in most cases, phlegm will be accompanied with coughing which may be annoying, however the primary purpose of the cough is to get rid of the mucus or phlegm whatever be its color. Hence, those suffering from phlegm should not take any cough suppressants. In case of a mild phlegm infection one may use a home remedy or a natural treatment such as team inhalation or a hot shower that will help loosen the phlegm. One can also drink some lemon juice and honey with warm water on a daily basis at least twice a day to get rid of the phlegm naturally.