One of my friend is getting eye allergy from last 2-3 years. But the condition is worse now, due to redness of eyes and irritation too. She has got viral infection of eyes too.

If your friend has been suffering from chronic eye allergy, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist to determine the cause of infection. The practitioner is likely to run a few tests and prescribe antibiotics. A viral infection of the eye can be contagious and is mostly seasonal, in other words, it may be a seasonal outbreak that will pass away in a few weeks. The ophthalmologist, if consulted, will prescribe something to speed up the healing process. Rarely though, it could be a symptom of some other deep seated medical condition. Any doubts on the reasons for your condition could be resolved by a visit to her physician. This would therefore aid in taking off unnecessary stress as also help heal the condition faster. The redness of eye and irritation could be caused by a variety of factors. They could be environmental, pollution for instance or it could be due to changes in the season, allergies to dust, pollen or some other substance and occasionally even a reaction to some medicine that she may be on. Excessive strain on the eye for instance, working on a computer for several hours a day is another cause for chronic eye irritation.

Make sure that she does not touch her eyes too often as touching or rubbing them can cause them to get re-infected from the germs on one’s hands. These germs could then spread the infection to the other eye as well. Keep away from eye makeup and switch from contact lenses to avoid the eyes getting irritated. Avoid sharing eye makeup with others so as not to get re-infected and to prevent others from catching the infection a swell. Keep the hands clean and wash with an anti bacterial soap so as to avoid the spread of infection when inadvertently touching one’s eye. Cool and warm compresses may be alternated to provide the eyes with some relief as well. The cold compress will reduce the itching and irritation to some extent, while the warm compress will take care of the inflammation by providing a soothing effect. Make sure though that the water is pure and sterilized before using it. Deficiency of vitamin A could be a cause for increased susceptibility to viral infections of the eye. She can consume carrots, spinach, milk, dried apricots, sweet potatoes, mangoes and milk to even out any deficiency although these must not be consumed in excess as they can be harmful as well. A healthy balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is also necessary to speed up the healing process.

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