April 29, 2010

Home Remedies For Viral Infections In Children

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People of both genders and all ages are prone to suffering from viral infections. But, one may notice that infants and children are more likely to suffer from them as compared to adults. This is because the immune system of young children is comparatively undeveloped exposing them to all sorts of viral and bacterial infections. It is very common for children to suffer from respiratory infections like common cold, sore throat, whooping cough, pneumonia, fever, and ear infection. These infections often heal on their own in a couple of days but they make the child uncomfortable and may also keep the suffering child awake at night. To treat a child suffering from any of these infections, the parent must ensure that the child’s room is moist by using a cool mist humidifier. You can also have the child inhale steam with eucalyptus oil mixed in boiling water or simply run a hot shower and have the child inhale the vapors in the bathroom. Giving honey to the child is one of the safest ways of treating such infections. He will consume it gladly as it is delectable too. You can also mix ginger juice in honey and give it to the child.

Viral Infection Toddler

Some other common infections are conjunctivitis, measles, meningitis, mononucleosis, chicken pox, and cold sores. When suffering from any kind of viral infection, make sure that your child rests as much as possible and gets enough sleep. Have the child consume ample amount of fluids like juices and water. A healthy diet that consists of raw vegetables, fruits, hot broths, and green leafy vegetables should be given to the child. Avoid giving your any unhealthy food stuffs like oily and junk food. Make sure that the child washes his/her hands with soap and water often and don’t let them touch their eyes or eat with dirty hands especially when they have stayed outdoors. These tips must be kept in mind to keep the child’s immune system vitalized at all times and not just when he is down with a viral infection. Help the baby stay calm and composed especially when the child suffers from any respiratory infection as crying can worsen his cough or runny nose. Make sure that your child is vaccinated regularly to combat viral infections. You can check with the pediatrician about the necessary vaccinations. Lastly, viral infections are contagious, so make sure that your child keeps away from other children or adults who suffer from any viral infection.