November 5, 2009

Natural Home Remedies for Jaundice during Pregnancy

Posted in Category : Women's Health

An occurrence of jaundice during pregnancy is rare, but may be potentially harmful to the mother and the fetus. It is imperative to consult your gynecologist and seek immediate treatment. The jaundice can be cured within a week or two if proper medication is administered. Jaundice and liver condition during pregnancy may increase the possibility of fetal loss. Adequate care must be taken to see that the jaundice does not recur due to the weakened immunity of the body. There is also the risk of jaundice developing in the baby and hence the infant must be monitored closely upon delivery.

Jaundice during pregnancy may be caused by a condition called cholestasis of pregnancy which occurs during the third trimester. This condition is characterized by an itching on the body. Pre-eclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy is another condition that affects various systems of the body, also the liver. It can cause retention of fluid, elevated blood pressure, anemia and kidney damage. Another cause may be acute fatty liver of pregnancy which develops in late pregnancy and poses risks for the fetus.

Timely medical care will ensure that the condition does not persist and the diet must be regulated to ensure that you consume the right nutrients that are beneficial for the mother and the baby. These essential nutrients include vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium and iron and are present in food such as leafy green vegetables, eggs, fish, fruit, meal and milk. Avoid foods containing high fat content. Jaundice is characterized by a loss of appetite, and as such consumption of herbs that encourage appetite will be helpful. Fenugreek seeds or leaves can be added to tea and consumed daily a couple of times a day. Devil’s claw and chives may also be consumed. Devil’s claw aids digestion and hence is a good natural remedy for jaundice. The benefit of consuming herbs is that it eliminates the risk of any serious repercussions for both the mother and the baby. If it is difficult to consume solid foods, a liquid diet is a good option. Vegetable soup and broths, fruits juice or protein supplements can be taken. Drink plenty of water and avoid coffee and processed food. Adequate rest and sleep is essential and you must try to get as much sleep as you can daily. Stress can have damaging effects and it is advisable to avoid any kind of stressful situations. You may try meditation and yoga techniques for relaxation. Intake of lemon juice is also beneficial in treating jaundice. A paste of basil leaves and radish juice contributes to a speedy recovery from jaundice.