March 31, 2008

Home Pregnancy Test – Confirming Pregnancy with Pregnancy Urine Test Kit

Posted in Category : Women's Health

If you have doubt about whether you are pregnant or not, then just undergo the home pregnancy test. You can easily get this test kit from the drug store without having to produce any prescription from a physician. If you have experienced a delay in the menstrual periods, then this is the easiest way to confirm your pregnancy. However, do not rely completely on this test and do consult a proper gynecologist.

The home pregnancy test consists of a chemical strip. On this strip, a user places a drop of her urine. This trip normally takes 1 to 2 minutes to indicate the positive or negative results of the pregnancy.

By using this pregnancy test, a woman can measure HCGs hormones called as human chorionic gonadotropin, which is found in the urine. In this pregnancy test, a user i.e. a woman supposing to be pregnant holds a stick in the urine stream. Various types of home pregnancy test kits from various pharmaceutical brands are available in the medical shops and these HPTs sometimes prescribed the gynecologists. The average cost range of these home test kits for pregnancy is in between 8 to 20 dollars.

Though mostly women prefer convenient, private and quick results from the home pregnancy test kit, it is not completely accurate as compared to pathological blood tests for pregnancy.

For a proper working of this pregnancy test kit, perform this test after 2 weeks of your menstrual period. The reason behind this is that in the urine the HCGs hormones are completely detected about 1 to 2 weeks after the conception period when sperm fertilize the eggs. A woman gets confirmation about her sign of pregnancy when the chemical strip gets a colored line after inserting it in the collected urine in a clean cup.

If a woman curious about her pregnancy status, then perform the test with first morning urine. This test really gives you accurate confirmation of pregnancy. Therefore, if you are pregnant, then your morning urine will show more HCGs than urine of the later day.