Treatment for gray hair on beard: I want to know how I stop gray hair on my beard I am 27 years of age. I am afraid it will turn even my eyebrow. Please advice

Treatment for gray hair

The condition experienced by you is referred to as ‘premature greying’. It is a common condition associated with teenagers. The most vital contributing factor for greying of hair is stress. Genetic predisposition is yet another factor of concern. Poor lifestyle with smoking and drinking also contribute in an indirect manner. Eating a balanced diet with adequate intake of fresh fruits and vegetables prove beneficial. Protein and iron rich foods are especially helpful. Rubbing Indian gooseberry on the scalp helps in bringing back colour to the hair. The same is tried on the beard. Dried pieces of Indian gooseberry or indian gooseberry is boiled in coconut oil. This is massaged with warm almond oil and a teaspoon of lime. Shaving off your beard shall remove all worries. If you still insist on a beard, take the help of hair colours or dyes. Be careful before use, as some of them burn the skin. Branded and famous brands are preferred. Technical support from specialists in parlours proves useful. Refer to a cosmetologist for more guidance. For more information on causes, symptoms and remedies to overcome the same, visit our article entitled ‘Premature Greying of Hair’.

answered by Dr C

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