I'm 19 and have always had dark hair, recently my roots have become white/grey, this is only on my head as my body hair is normal, the only thing i can think of is that ive had a stressful year, can stress cause your hair to turn this colour?

One of the most common worries that people have today is the premature graying of hair. Graying hair is a natural trait and is hereditary by nature to a certain extent. The premature graying of hair is mainly caused by an insufficient production of melanin in the hair, which gives the hair its natural color. Irrespective of whether you begin to gray at the age of 20 or at the age of 70, the reason for graying is the same. Stress and anxiety, to some measure, caused by the condition itself, also contribute to the untimely graying of hair. A combination of high stress levels, mental uneasiness, wrong eating and nutritional deficiencies make you susceptible to the possibility of graying prematurely.

There are a number of other factors that have been given credit for the premature graying of hair, such as bad circulation of blood in the scalp and inadequate nutrition. One of the most common causes of premature graying is the pollution content in the air and water around you. A continuous exposure to the sun will also contribute to graying hair. A hormonal imbalance, consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol in excessive measures will also play an important role in premature grayness. However, since genetics has an important part to play in graying hair, there are no decisive solutions to the problem.

A number of easy home remedies will help to restore hair color to a certain extent, but they do not solve the problem of premature graying. An onion paste, when applied to the scalp for a few days, before taking a shower, will help in restoration of hair color, as will the consumption of carrot juice and wheat grass juice on a daily basis. A mixture of Indian gooseberries and lemon juice should be equally helpful. Black sesame seeds are another well known remedy for premature graying. A spoon of lemon juice and a pinch of black pepper, when mixed in a medium of yogurt, will also prove to be useful in regaining lost hair color. Butter, mixed with fenugreek and applied to the scalp before a cold water shower helps in overcoming premature graying of hair. Besides this, lowering stress levels through deep breathing exercises may help to curb the graying process. A wholesome diet that gives the body all the nutrients it requires should increase the production of melanin and help in restoring hair color.

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  • Yes, stress not only causes grey hair but also gives birth to many other diseases. Try to exercise regularly and relax yourself. You can try some of these remedies to cure gray hair.
  • Cut some pieces of the fruit Indian Gooseberry and dry them in shade. Boil them in coconut water till they char and apply this oil to your hair at night and shampoo in the morning. Do this every alternate day for 15 days and you will find that grayness has been cured. The new hair will also grow black in color. Soak some pieces of this fruit in water and leave it for the night. Use the liquid to rinse your hair after washing it with shampoo. Add a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil to the juice of this fruit and regularly massage your scalp with it.
  • Apply the juice of the leaves of the Amaranth vegetable to your hair. It not only treats grayness but also keeps the hair soft.
  • Squeeze the juice of curry leaves in buttermilk and drink it or make a paste of these leaves and eat it along with your meals. You can also boil these leaves in coconut oil and apply it to your hair. It strengthens hair roots and maintains normal pigmentation.
  • Consume a little butter which has been made from cow's milk internally or massage your hair with it.

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