how to treat a meniscus disk in the knee

Knee injury treatment 

The best remedy for injuries and aches is ice. In case of knee ache and pain, the use of ice is highly recommended as the use of ice causes the body to rush the region with blood and oxygen. The rush of blood and oxygen to the affected area is vital as these elements help in repairing the affected region. Take ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap a thick piece of cloth around the plastic bag. Never bring ice in direct contact with the skin when treating an affected area. Take this wrapped iced bag and apply it over the tender area. Always make an application of 20 minutes in an hour. Do not keep the ice prolonged to the region for the more than stipulated mentioned time. After every 20 minutes, rest aside for the next 20 minutes and apply once again, till relief is sought.

A meniscus disk requires utmost care and as much rest as possible is essential to the knees. However simple exercises are a must as it will help the muscles surrounding the knee to become strengthened. Letting the knee go lethargic and too much will only waste the knee away and hamper the healing process.

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