Orthopedic Surgery

by Andrew Mills

Orthopedics is designed to treat a rip or tear in a muscle or in a joint. Orthopedics is a type of medicine that is usually performed on athletes. Athletes are notorious for tearing or ripping the muscles or joint in their bodies. Sometimes an athlete may not be able to play again depending on the amount of damage that has been done.

After an injury a person usually treats the injury with compression, ice, rest and elevation. After an individual has followed this treatment regimen then the individual will usually feel less pain and discomfort in the injured area. Sometimes an individual may have to take ibuprofen or aspirin in order to lessen the pain. Once the pain or swelling subsides then the individual is usually told to take it easy and to slowly regain the motion in that injured body part. Sometimes though an individual will need to have orthopedic surgery in order to treat the injured body part.

The most common type of orthopedic surgery is knee surgery. Orthopedic surgeons usually recommend arthroscopy if an individual is suffering from a torn meniscus. The responsibility of orthopedic surgeons is to remove the torn part of the meniscus.

This type of surgery is usually only recommended for individuals who are under the age of fifty. Sometimes the tear in the muscle can be easily repaired if the tear is located along the edge of the meniscus. Repair works best under an individual who is fifty years of age because this is a very complicated treatment process. The orthopedic surgery usually takes a long amount of time and may have to be performed several times in order to repair or remove the tear. An individual will have to be on crutches for about six weeks after the surgery is performed. It is several months before an individual is allowed to return back to sports and other activities.

An orthopedic surgeon can evaluate the damage that has been done to a certain muscle or joint in an individual’s body. The individual may only need physical therapy or other non-invasive treatments in stead of having orthopedic surgery performed. Orthopedics is a very complicated and exact type of surgery. This is way the surgery usually takes several hours to perform.

It is usually up to the individual if the individual wants the orthropedic surgery performed. It is important to note that this is a painful surgical procedure that has a long recovery period. Many athletes have benefited greatly from having orthopedic surgery performed.

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