What is a Good Treatment for Ear Itchiness and Dryness

The ear is made up of three different sections: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. All these parts work together to process sounds, so that you can hear clearly. The outer ear leads to a canal that reaches the brain. This canal is very delicate and can catch an infection if not cleaned properly. Many people complain of eczema in their ears. This usually happens if the skin in your ears is dry. Sometimes the itchiness gets so bad that you may keep itching it regularly and in the process damage to your ear. One of the main reasons for ear dryness is, cleaning your ears immediately after a bath. Since the skin in the inner ear is wet, cleaning it with a cotton bud will cause damage the skin in the canal. Another reason could be excessive cleaning of your ears. Excessive ear cleaning could remove the natural oils from the skin of the ear canal and this would further lead to dry itchy ears. Frequent swimming would lead to the formation of bacteria in the ear canal which would lead to an infection. Sometimes, the material used in ear buds or ear plugs can react with the skin and cause an irritation. Frequent use of ear plugs could also cause an infection that can affect your hearing abilities. There are some people who have a problem with the production of ear wax, in such cases the skin gets dry and dead skin flakes are formed in the inner ear. This causes a lot of itchiness and pain and is one of the popular dry ear causes. There are a few skin diseases such as psoriasis , eczema , allergic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis that affect the ear canal and cause dry skin and itchiness in the ears. Sometimes an unhealthy diet that lacks the necessary nutrients can also cause your skin to become dry and itchy.

In order to avoid dry skin in ears and stop the itchiness you could try a few home remedies apart from the medication and advice given by your doctor. You can put a few drops of garlic oil in your ears as it help in curing ear infections. A few drops of warm olive oil also would help to a great extent. Colloidal silver can be used to rinse your ears as it acts as a natural antibiotic which will help kill the bacteria in the ears. You can get rid of the excess moisture in your ears by using a hair dryer about ten to fifteen inches away from your ears.

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  1. Ear dryness maybe caused due to ear infections. Ear infections are of two types otitis media and otitis externa. Otitis media - an infection of the middle ear, common in infants and children.
  2. Here are few home remedies that could cure ear infections:

    • Insert few drops of garlic juice in the infected ear.
    • Rinse your ear with colloidal silver, it is a natural antibiotic
    • Use a blow dryer at a distance of 12 - 15 inches from the ear; this will help to remove any excess moisture trapped in the ear.
    • Few drops of warm olive oil is a great cure ear infections

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