I am suffering from piles for the past 10 years. It's never been painful. But now from today onwards it is paining continuously on the left side and I feel as if it's a bit stiff on the left side, yes there is pain while pressing it?

Ten years is a long time to be suffering from any health problem. Have you consulted a doctor before? If not, you should do so now, because the condition is not only chronic, it has also become painful and could continue to get worse.

Piles is usually caused by a problem with one's diet, but there are other factors that can cause it too, and in your case there are probably multiple causes. Other factors that can cause piles include obesity and hypertension. As far as your diet goes, in general, a diet that results in frequent constipation or frequent diarrhea is very likely to cause piles. The condition basically occurs when the tissues and veins in the anal area become inflamed due to constant pressure and straining.

Diet control is usually enough to get rid of piles - eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, cut down on meat and alcohol, and drink plenty of water. However, if the condition regularly recurs or has lasted for as long as yours, medication may be necessary. In severe cases, surgery is also needed, which is why you should visit your doctor before the condition gets any worse. Since you have not experienced pain all these years, your condition fortunately seems to have been very mild; with age however it could get worse.

answered by M W

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