How can I cure scabies without going to the doctor? Is there anything I can buy from the pharmacy to get rid of it?

Some suggestions may be:

Buy monostat 7 (used for yeast infections in women).  It works for skin fungus so it might help.

If monostat doesn't work, try some Blue Star Ointment

Both are over the counter meds

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Scabies is often spread by close contact, so be sure to wash bedding and other clothing in bleach and hot water. If the item cannot be bleached, then it can be frozen for a minimum of 24 hours and then washed. The traditional treatment is Elimite, which is a permethrin cream (actually made from constituents of chrysthanthemums.) However, it is still somewhat toxic.

Essential oil mixtures may be able to help with some symptoms --lavender oil 1pt to 2 pts. glycerine. You might also try melaleuca oil. Be cautious because some people are very sensitive to this oil. Other combinations may be available from trained health care practitioners. Do not use any essential oil on the skin without some dilution. Since scabies are very resistant, I recommend you seek professional help.

Dr. Karen Benton, Naturopathic Physician

answered by Dr K B N

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