How can I get rid of scabies?

It is normal for a scabies infection to go undetected for a month, or sometimes even more. This is because the itching sensation does not really begin until at least two or three generations of the mites have stayed with the host. But if you suspect that you or any other family member has scabies, begin with sanitizing the person and the entire home and surrounding areas. Take a sauna with orange or eucalyptus oil added to the room. Do this for at least five days in a row, and more if you can, to get the mites out of the body.

You can also switch to bathing with a sulfur-based shampoo, since sulphur is considered particularly useful in treating scabies. You should also clear out any stray infestation that may have gone into clothing, bedding or the general house environment by laundering everything with hot water to which a few drops of antiseptic liquid has been added. Add more drops of antiseptic oil like tea tree or eucalyptus, or liquid, to the final rinse. This should eliminate any mites hiding in clothes. Leave any other objects that the person comes in contact with soaked in hot water with a few drops of orange oil overnight. This would include combs, dishes, spoons and all such things. These measures will help to kill any stray mites.

answered by G R

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