Which non toxic products can be used to get rid of Scabies?

Under the most normal circumstances, an infestation of scabies mites is not detected for nearly a month after it has struck, the reason for this being that the itching does not really begin till a couple of generations of the mites have passed out. In order to sanitize yourself and the rest of the members of your family, which must be done in case of a scabies infestation, one of the most tried and tested methods are to use a sulphur-based soap or shampoo. This will almost guarantee that the mites will be gone after a couple of uses. But this is a toxic product and needs to be used with extreme care and caution.

One of the best methods to kill the mites from your body would be to take a sauna twice a day for at least a week. The dry heat will kill the mites, though it will take a while to do so. If you add orange oil or eucalyptus oil to the sauna, this will work even better. Both these oils have the property of strong smells that the mites cannot tolerate and they will die off easily. Alternately, you can also use tea tree oil. But this is a very strong product and needs to be sued with extreme caution. You should also avoid using it for small children.

answered by M W

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