Infromation on firming losse skin after weight loss

This problem will go away with time. Moisturizing your skin daily will help as will regular exfoliation. You can also take a supplement that includes silica to help with elasticity in the skin. Drinking lots of water will help hydrate the skin so that it will be able to change shape and tighten back up. Your goal is to tighten the skin and resurface it, it needs nutrients and hydration to be able to do this. Working out regularly can help as well as it tones the skin and helps it stick to the new muscles that are developing, this will cause the skin to start shrinking back to its appropriate size. Some herbs that help with skin are rose petals and hips, Irish moss, cinnamon, gotu kula, and licorice. These can be taken as a tea or in capsule form, whatever is easier for you. Overall, if you are treating this problem, it should take 6 to 12 months for your skin to be like it should. Your skin regenerates itself completely every twelve months. If you have the proper nutrients available for it, your body will correct the problem on its own schedule. A temporary cosmetic cure is to use a tightening mask made from clay and seaweed to tighten the skin.

answered by R P

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