Swollen Testicles: I noticed pain in my left testicle yesterday and this morning it is quite swollen. What causes this and how can it be treated?

Swollen testicles or scrotum can be due to various reasons like an enlarged vein around the testicle, accumulation of fluid or a tumor. In case of tumor the testicles are firm when touched with no pain. As you feel pain in your testicles the possibility of tumor is less. The scrotum generally feels soft with pain in case of fluid accumulation or swollen vein. Besides these reasons swelling can be due to some injury, infection or hernia. It is a serious condition and needs instant medical attention unless your swelling is due to some hard blow or some insect bite or ill fitted clothes. Till you visit your specialists try the following home remedy -

  • Cook grated radish in water and make a compress. Apply this on the swollen part of your testicles.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitted underwear and jeans.

It is very important to visit a specialist to diagnose the exact cause for your swelling as any medical treatment would follow accordingly.

answered by S P

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