Home remedies for swollen testicles

Swollen testicles, or Orchitis, is a rather common occurrence and will affect almost every male individual at some point of time in their lives. The condition is extremely painful and can cause unimaginable inconvenience as well as mental trauma to the sufferer. There are a number of factors that could be held primarily responsible for the inflammation of the testes, including very common ailments such as the mumps virus, which is the main cause in about 30% of all known cases, or even as a result of other infections such as epididiymis, protatitis or sexually transmitted diseases such as clamydia. A chronic urinary tract infection may also be a causing factor. The condition is characterized by the inflammation as well as an increased level of tenderness in either one or both testicles. The pain experienced by the sufferer may be heightened during straining or bowel movements. Considerable amount of pain may also be experienced during urination, sexual intercourse or ejaculation. Some cases may be accompanied by a fever as well as some discharge of blood along with semen.

Correct treatment of the condition will differ depending on the nature of the responsible organism. Very commonly, bacterial orchitis is the result of epididymitis where there is an inflammation of the coiled tube that connects the vas deferens to the testicle. He objective of the vas deferens is to transport sperm from the testicle and could possibly also allow the inflammation to spread to the testicles. An example of this type of orchitis that is caused by a viral organism is the infection of mumps. Almost 1/3 of all affected males that contract mumps after puberty will notice the development of orchitis, about four to six days after the onset of mumps. While the condition can affect any male, some factors put some more at risk than others. The likelihood of the condition seems to increase with age - thereby making people above the age of 45 more susceptible to this condition. Surgery that involves the urinary tract or genitals may also invite some infection to these prone areas. Having multiple sex partners, intercourse without a condom or even a personal history of sexually transmitted diseases also puts an individual at a greater risk of developing this condition. There aren't really any home remedies that will significantly help with orchitis. Using a compress made from ground radish and boiled is known to lower the inflammation. Lots of rest and the application of cold packs over the scrotum at regular intervals will help ease any discomfort.

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