Scrotal Masses

by Sam Malone

If women have possible breast cancer, men have the counterpart in the form of scrotal masses. Scrotal masses are abnormal and unlikely masses that accumulate in the scrotum or testicles. The scrotum is that part of the body that houses the two testicles technically. That part of the body is made of rough skin that hangs below the penis of any male.

The scrotum is usually flexible and adjusts depending on the body temperature. If the temperature is hot, the scrotum would hang lower, as if going farther away from the body. If the temperature is lower, it clings more, flexes and moves closer to the body. The testicles produce the semen and the vital sperm cells, which are sensitive to unlikely temperature.

Scrotal masses occur when there are accumulations of gaseous, liquid or solid objects or masses in the scrotum. The signs are evident. There are lumps around the testicles. At some times, there is also evident swelling of the scrotum, particularly the scrotal mass part. Usually, there is nothing to be alarmed with scrotal masses. However, when there are signs of other developments or when the infected part suspiciously becomes cancerous, then, proper medical attention and aid should be sought.

Searching for scrotal masses

To be safe, a man is advised to regularly check his scrotum for any sign of accumulation or presence of scrotal masses. Just like in women, men should also be guarded and should be always monitoring for any sign of scrotal masses. Remember that the condition can worsen and be cancerous if not properly given medical attention and aid.

To examine yourself for any possible onset of scrotal masses, it would be advised if you would take a warm water bath. After the bath, you should stand in front of the mirror and proceed to the self examination. To do this, simply grab one testicle using the index and middle finger. Run the fingers all around to sense any mass accumulation. The testicle is normally smooth to the touch. When it becomes rough and masses are sensed, then take note and regularly check if the mass is growing over time or is becoming painful. If so, immediately seek medical attention.


The scrotal masses could be caused by a variety of factors. Seeking medical attention would help determine the real cause of the situation. Thus, if the cause is benign, surgery would be facilitated and conducted at once. Otherwise, there are simple medications that would be prescribed like antibiotics.

Positive attitude and optimism would be a great help when dealing with the situation. Although there is nothing to be alarmed about in the initial phase, there must be acknowledgement of any serious possibility. There is a rising number of men that are suffering from scrotal masses all around the world. But it can be a consolation that the number of casualties is not yet significant.

Scrotal masses if there are would not be the problem. Instead, they should be taken and seen as indications of worse conditions. If you happen to notice accumulation of scrotal masses, it would be advisable if you would take the matter seriously but lightly and find out what the condition is trying to tell you.

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