Remedies for Constant Formation of Mucous in Throat

Mucus is produced by the body on the nasal passages and the sinuses. When this mucus flows backwards and into the throat cavity then it tends to get accumulated there and irritate the throat. There may be various reasons for the accumulation of mucus in the throat such as allergies, infections and even smoking. One of the easiest natural ways of keeping the throat cavity free from mucus is to blow one's nose on a regular basis as this will cause the mucus to be expelled from the nasal cavity and thereby not drip into the throat cavity. Another highly effective and commonly used natural treatment for mucus in the throat is to gargle one's throat with some warm water which has a pinch of salt dissolved in it. The salt tends to absorb the excess mucus which has accumulate din the respiratory passage and the warm water helps in clearing up the blocked passages. In case the mucus is formed in the throat because of smoking then it should be stopped immediately. Similarly another home remedy for mucus in the throat is to prepare some tomato soup and then add garlic, ginger, ground pepper and salt to this soup. When consumed, this soup will help cough out the phlegm and also minimize the formation of additional mucus in the throat. One can also have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice which has the juice of one lemon added to it.

Vitamin C that is present in abundance in these citrus fruits helps in preventing infections and boosts the immunity of the body. Another home remedy for mucus in the throat is to prepare a paste of two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of ginger powder and then consuming this paste quite a few times a day. This paste helps in thinning the mucus and thereby allowing it to be easily expelled form the body while coughing and sneezing. Excess mucus can also be successfully dealt with by adding half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and consuming this mixture at least twice a day. One should also try and stop eating any cold foods; yogurt, ice cream and the like, as this tends to make the mucus denser and thereby further obstruct the throat cavity. Instead, one should consume plenty of fluids such as milk, water and tea which helps in thinning out the mucus and also ensures that the body is hydrated.

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