September 30, 2009

Post Nasal Drip – Home Remedies and Cures

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Mucous is constantly being produced in the body, and its basic purpose is to fight germs and other invading microorganisms. At most times we are unaware of the mucous production in our bodies; however, sometimes, we can feel the mucous draining at the back of our throats. If you can feel the mucous draining at the back of your throat, you have what is termed a post nasal drip. A post nasal drip is associated with colds and other allergies and with structural abnormalities in the nasal passage.

Causes: Post nasal drips usually occur when something causes the mucous to become viscous or watery or causes an increase in the production of mucous. One of the most common causes includes a common cold. While there is no need to call a doctor in such cases, it is important that you take remedial measures to treat the condition. If you experience constant choking and difficulty in swallowing, you would need medical treatment.
Other factors that can cause a post nasal drip include influenza; sinusitis; allergic reactions to pollen, dust or mold, dehydration, and hormonal changes (in women during pregnancy). Intake of spicy foods, eating too much dairy-based products, weather changes, low humidity in the air, and use of nasal sprays can also cause a post nasal drip.

Home Remedies: A post nasal drip needs to be treated immediately as the condition can be annoying and a persistent post nasal drip can lead to ear infections. There are home remedies for post nasal drip that can help clear the mucous and bring relief.

  • In case the post nasal drip is due to a dry nasal passage, you can use humidifier to moisten the mucous, allowing the mucous to drain out. A cold humidifier is preferable.
  • Instead of using a nasal decongestant, try using a saline spray to clear the post nasal drip. Gargling with saltwater is an excellent natural remedy. Mix half teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle for two to three times during the day. This will bring give you enough relief.
  • You can also take a pinch of baking soda, one teaspoon of salt, and mix in a glass of water to use as a nasal spray. You can use a syringe to squirt the liquid onto the nose and relieve the condition.
  • Drinking plenty of water or tea help with post nasal drainage as it drains the mucous at the back of your throat. Fluids help in moistening the nasal passage and loosening the thick mucus.
  • Avoid taking spicy foods and dairy products. Avoid spending too much outside in cold weather as it dries the nasal passage, aggravating the situation.
  • Using a neti pot, a device used to irrigate the nasal passage and clear phlegm. This should be used only if you are aware of how to use it or after consultation with a practitioner.

While these home remedies are effective for post nasal drips caused by colds and allergies, in case you experience other symptoms along with a post nasal drip, it is important to seek medical help. If the post nasal drip is due to structural abnormalities such as nasal polyps, enlarged tonsils or a deviated septum, consult a doctor for a proper treatment plan. In most cases, a doctor will recommend surgery to correct the abnormality.

Other Tips

  • If you are allergic to dust or pollen, it is best to avoid coming in contact with them.
  • Eat a healthy diet as it can keep colds and other allergies at bay.
  • If you susceptible to post nasal drip during cold and dry weather, stay indoors.