I continually feel like I have a mucous build-up in the back of my throat. I can't seem to cough this out. How can I get rid of this?

A mucous build up in the chest can cause much distress and uneasiness to a person. 'What causes mucus?' is a common question. The onset of a cold or cough causes the build up of phlegm that settles in the chest in the form of mucous. Breathing gets heavy and there is an overall feeling of heaviness that is experienced in the chest. Apart from the onset of a cold or cough, there is the possibility that mild indigestion could cause a condition known as strep throat, which leads to the formation of thick mucus in the back of the throat.

There are a number of recommendations that have been made with respect to methods to clear mucus in the throat. The most common of these remedies is the inhalation of steam, which helps to dislodge the mucus in the throat, leading to its expulsion from the body through coughing and spitting out the phlegm that is removed from the chest. Similar to the aforementioned method of removal of mucus from the throat, there are other time tested home remedies for mucus build up. Home remedies for mucus relief includes the consumption of warm liquids, such as soup or lemon tea. These have been known to help with dislodging the phlegm in the chest, thereby providing much relief. Another well recommended method of the numerous home remedies for mucus relief includes the consumption of ginger in the daily diet. Ginger tea not only helps to loosen the mucus that is lodged in the chest, but also allows you to feel relaxed, while soothing the body. There is a large amount of literature available over the internet, giving you advice on how to get rid of mucus in the chest, and most of these remedies have proved to be rather beneficial. When looking for information on how to get rid of mucus from your chest, you may need to widen your search by inserting key words that explain the cause of the mucus build up, such as whether it has been caused by a common cold, or whether a sinus infection has caused the discomfort. Remedies, such as those mentioned above, are primarily used when a common cold causes the build up of phlegm or mucus in the chest.

One of the best known answers to the question that asks how to get rid of mucus naturally lies in the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, on a daily basis. Including these important food groups in your daily diet will prove to be extremely beneficial because they provide the body with the nutrients required to strengthen and boost the immune system. As has been said, prevention is better than cure, and an immune system that fights of minor illnesses, such as coughs and colds, is priceless. Avoiding the consumption of fatty foods is another effective method of ensuring that you avoid breathing disorders that could be exaggerated when there is a build up of mucus in the chest.

When you feel uncomfortable because of the mucus build up in your chest, the common question is 'How to thin mucus in the lungs?' For this purpose, taking a warm bath is sure to help dislodge the phlegm and give you some relief. Similarly, a hot bath will cause you to inhale the steam, thereby helping in thinning the mucus in the lungs, and making you feel more comfortable. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps to flush out the system of any toxins that could be causing complications, while ensuring that your body remains hydrated at all times. 'What causes mucus production?' is a question that has been asked frequently. When the body is fighting a minor illness, such as a common cold, there are certain secretions produced that are indicative of the body's response. These secretions from the respiratory tract settle in the chest, leading to the formation of mucus and resulting in congestion of the chest.

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To loosen this mucus build up in the back of your throat, the primary and the most effective cure would be taking steam regularly. This will also help to open your blocked nose and help soothe your throat. Secondly hot water gargles with added salt would also help to loosen the mucus in throat and ease your condition. Drink hot and spicy vegetable soups or broths which will help the mucus formation. Add ½ tsp turmeric and ½ tsp salt to a cup of milk, boil and drink this twice daily.

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