Natural Treatment For Warning Signs Of Piles (Hemorrhoids): I think I have piles. I have something that looks like excess skin just outside my anus ring. I don't have problem when I go to the toilet but I bleed later. How do I stop the bleeding?

The excess skin around your rectum region and the bleeding after passing stools are very much the symptoms of hemorrhoids or piles. You suffer from internal piles, which is why you do not suffer from any discomfort other than losing blood after defecating. You need to get the problem solved immediately because even if you lose a little blood, the severity of the symptom is acute. The main reason for suffering from piles is chronic constipation and other bowel disorders. Make sure that you do not suffer from bowel obstructions and are able to pass stool twice a day without any strain. Cut down on consumption of processed, junk, spicy and oily food. Also, avoid consuming coffee, white flour, and rice as these food products cause constipation. Also, standing or sitting for hours together, obesity, and stress also cause the problem of piles. So, eliminate these troublemakers from your life.

You must consume lots of fibrous fruits like citrus fruits everyday to help your bowel movement. If you drink the juice of two oranges every day and also eat apple, Papaya, and beetroot, it will clear your intestine and make defecating easy and painless. You must also eat lots of green leafy vegetables and drink at least two liters of water everyday. A regular exercise regime like 30 minutes of walking, jogging, cycling and light weight training will also help clear your stomach. If you follow all these religiously, you will never suffer from any intestinal or bowel problems.

There are many treatments that will help you deal with piles. The tiny seeds of dry figs possess great qualities of stimulating bowel movements. Soak about four dry figs in water overnight and consume them first thing in the morning along with the water they were soaked in. Follow this again in the evening after soaking the figs for 12 hours. You will get relief from the symptoms of piles in about 20 days. White radish is also helpful in treating piles. Mix 10 grams of grated radish and a teaspoon of honey and have this mixture twice daily. You can also drink 60 to 90 ml of radish juice mixed with a pinch of salt, every morning and evening. You can also mix ½ teaspoon fresh ginger juice and mint juice each with 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice and a tablespoon honey. Have the mixture regularly. Drinking lemon tea with honey on an empty stomach every morning will also get rid of piles.

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Piles or hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the rectum. The excess skin that you seem to feel is most likely to be swollen or inflamed skin caused due to piles. The anal canal comprises of inner and outer veins that cover the anus. Excessive pressure on the internal or external veins leads to piles or hemorrhoids. Internal vein damage is rarely seen or felt, while external damage to veins can be felt on the outer ring of the anus. This causes discomfort in carrying out routine tasks but is not a medically serious condition. Inflamed rectum, itching and bleeding are the common symptoms associated with piles or hemorrhoids. Bleeding piles is considered a severe condition as the bleeding occurs due to ruptured external or internal veins.

Piles are caused due to various reasons ranging from pregnancy, frequent diarrhea, consuming rich and spicy foods, low fiber diet, heredity, constipation, lifting heavy weights and age. Other reasons that can contribute to piles are maintaining a continuous seated or standing position, obesity, general weakness in tissues or veins and stress. Wrong eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle has made piles common among the young and old.

Consuming dry figs (three to four in number) soaked overnight after washing thoroughly is an effective home remedy. It is necessary to have the figs with the same water it was soaked in everyday first thing in the morning. This helps bowel movements and eliminates constipation. It also helps reduce pressure on the anus thus reducing discomfort and allowing the anus to restore its health gradually. Regularly practicing this routine can help contract the hemorrhoids over time. Powdered mango seeds with honey are also known to treat bleeding hemorrhoids. Mango seeds have to be collected, dried in the sun and powdered to be used as an effective treatment. Sesame seeds are also known to provide relief. A decoction of sesame seeds and water (twenty grams of sesame seed must be boiled in half a litre of water until it is reduced to one-third of its original quantity) can help treat bleeding piles.

Suggested home remedies that can further help this condition are intake of ample fluids. Increased fluid intake flushes the toxins and helps cleanse the system. Have a high fiber diet such as vegetables and fruits with skin, bananas, papaya and whole grains help passing stool and relives constipation. Avoid intake of foods that will make you and your bowels sluggish in nature. So steer clear from carbonated beverages, spicy foods, fried snacks, sweets and pastries. Focus on eating raw foods as compared to cooking, and frying. Steaming foods is another alternative.

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