Piles diet and cure

If you have boils on the anus, it could be piles. However before you jump to any hasty conclusions, you should also check to see if you are experiencing any of the other symptoms associated with piles. Piles is usually associated with a bad lifestyle. If you live on food that is predominantly made up of white flour, dairy products and contains a very small amount of fiber, then it is likely that you do have piles. Our body requires fiber - if your diet contains insufficient fiber then your feces are usually dry. As a result you may find it difficult to pass stools. The pressure that you exert in order to pass stools can cause a vein in your anus to swell. As a result of this swollen vein, each time that you pass stools, you experience pain. When this happens on a daily basis, there could also be some amount of bleeding.

However, you have not mentioned if you are suffering from any of the other symptoms. Therefore the boils on your anus need not be indication of piles. They could be indicative of some other medical condition. You should consult your medical practitioner at the very earliest in order to ascertain the correct cause of these boils.

Meanwhile change your diet and include food items that contain a high amount of fiber. Eat fruits and vegetables in larger quantities. Water and fruit juices too are beneficial when a person suffers from a lack of fiber. Relaxation is another way to avoid piles. Ensure that you have a good night's sleep and that you take some form of physical exercise on a regular basis. Change your underclothes regularly and always wash your self with water after you have visited the bathroom. If the boils persist, you should consult your doctor.

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