I got a small pimple like thing outside the place from where the stool falls. Its on my skin. It bleeds at the time of defecation. It is happenning from last 5 days. Is this piles?

There is a possibility that you may be suffering from the start of what is commonly known as piles. However, you are better off getting a medical examination and done. Generally, people who experience what are known as hemorrhoids feel that there is a boil or a pimple at the anal opening. Actually, there is no such thing. It is just that the nerve endings there are ruptured and the ruptured ends feel like they are swollen, and it is this that results in feeling like there are pimples. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, then you need to work towards softening your stools. This is the first thing you should be doing, because this is the only way your anal opening will not bleed each time you need to have a bowel movement. In order for soft stools, you can take psyllium husk. This product can give you soft stools, quite literally, overnight! It is a natural product that contains an extremely high quantity of fiber. Take two tablespoons at night before going to bed. This should be able to work wonders in the morning. Once you have managed to get soft stools, then you should know that half the battle is won in any case. Because once the bleeding stops, you can concentrate on healing your injuries.

One of the best things for healing is to apply witch hazel to the anal area. You can buy witch hazel pads from the pharmacy or you can buy the liquid and use that. Soak cotton pads in the liquid and place them on the affected area. It is easier to buy pads because these will not leave residual cotton fibers. Witch hazel is not only a highly soothing agent, it also has good healing properties which will be of considerable help. The other thing you can do is make a paste of clarified butter and turmeric powder and apply this while it is warm to your anus. Apply a generous and thick layer and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. The constant effect of exposing your injury to turmeric powder will result in it healing really quickly and well. Turmeric powder has very good healing properties, and when combined with clarified butter, these properties are only enhanced. You can try these remedies for a week, and accompany them with mild and non spicy food as well as plenty of raw vegetables and fruits for excellent results.

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