My ten year old daughter has lots of mood swings is there something safe that will reduce her anger

Anger and rage are common attitude developments in most children. This mood swings tends to occur in most children when they believe themselves to be mature enough to be able to handle the pressures of the world, but are actually far from ready. They tend to be angry with almost anything and everything for the most illogical of reasons. Seeing your child start to behave like a rebel is a common complaint from many parents and is a natural part of growing up. Most of us tend to forget that we used to behave in very much the same way at the time we were around that age. However, this does not mean that you completely ignore the fact that your child seems to rebel. Trying to understand the possible triggers and consequences that have led her to act in such a manner is a very important part of parenting. It is important to try and investigate for the simple reason that some children tend to act out in an attempt to divert their own mindset away from problems that they might be experiencing. Anger and rage are very often considered to be very prominent symptoms that someone is suffering from depression. Although your daughter is probably very young to be involved in drug abuse, you should always keep the possibility in mind given the very easy availability of substances in today’s world.

Moreover, growing up in today’s world is a lot different than it was when the elder generations were doing so. The different kinds of pressure and expectations placed on a kid are very different and, in some cases, much higher. Moreover, the high influence of today’s media also allows and sometimes even prompts the younger generation to make decisions about their lifestyle that they are not ready for. As a result, talking to and understanding your child is a very important part of getting her to understand that you are always ready to talk to her about the problems that she may be facing. However, you must also be prepared for the fact that she may not be ready to open up to you when you want. Also remember that coaxing her to speak of things worrying her may even tend to push her away from you on an emotional level, albeit temporarily. Getting her to visit a psychologist is another possibility, but coaxing her to do so may take some tremendous conviction initially.

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