My ten year boy is urinating every fifteen minutes. Please recommend some home remedies.

The symptom you have described sounds quite troublesome. There are a couple of possibilities that could be affecting your son. But before you make any decisions or come to any conclusions, the best thing for you would be to take your son to a doctor. Since he is 10 years old, you would be visiting a pediatrician. It is possible that your son has contracted a urinary tract infection from somewhere. It is better to know that urinary tract infections can also be contracted by urinating in public places. Since children tend to urinate more frequently, it is possible that your son may have gone to a public urinal and may have contracted a urinary tract infection from there. However, this is not a diagnosis and you are advised not to take it as one. Urinary tract infections are typically accompanied with many more symptoms as well. Frequent urination is simply one of them. If your son's frequent urination is also accompanied with a burning sensation, then this could also be a symptom. Another common symptom is also the urge to urinate frequently, but when the child goes to urinate, very little urine comes out. Whatever urine is excreted is also accompanied with cramps or pain. Sometimes, urination is also accompanied with stomach cramps. But this is not common, as it is an advanced stage of a urinary tract infection that could be leading to this.

In case your son is suffering from an infection, only a doctor can determine if his infection is powerful enough to rate antibiotics. If so, then this is the best course of action. If it is a mild infection of some sort that your son is suffering from, then you can treat it at home quite easily. Apply fresh and unflavored yogurt to his penis. This will enable the live and active bacteria in the yogurt to act on and effectively heal any surface infection. You should also make it a point to add fresh yogurt to his diet. This will also help with healing the infection to a large extent. You can also wash his genitals with organic apple cider vinegar. Use it with a dilution of equal parts of water. This will also help to heal a surface infection to a large degree. But keep in mind that you should not try these remedies for more than a couple of days. If you do not see a significant change, go to a doctor.

answered by M W

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