How to control my anger

More than a chemical of physical reaction, anger is a state of mind. In order to control your anger, you would need to conquer your mind first. If you wish to follow a permanent method to control your anger, it is available at no cost. However, the route is tedious. Simply exercising for at least 30 minutes every day will help release what are known as "happy hormones" or endorphins into your blood stream. These are instant mood lifters. You will find that this minimal amount of exercise helps to keep you happy, thereby cutting your irritation, anger or rage out. You can also try a simple breathing exercise in the art and science of Yoga, known as Pranayam. Merely sit in the lotus position and inhale deeply, hold your breath, and exhale deeply. Start with doing this about 10 times per sitting and increase to about 20 minutes of Pranayam every day. While doing this, it is important to keep your mind clear and free of all thought. Initially, it will be tough, but if you persist, it will soon become easy. This exercise is known to soothe frayed nerves and senses. It will help make you a calmer person.

According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, eating spicy, heavy and difficult to digest food is also a cause of anger in human beings. Switch to vegetarianism and cut spice. You will notice the difference in about a couple of weeks.

answered by G R

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