I am suffering from constipation. Can I take Enema everyday for months together without any side effect?

Constipation can be trouble passing stools, infrequent stools or hard stools. For some people it can also be a sense of incomplete emptying after passing stools. One might get stools which are hard, small in size, dry and very difficult to eliminate. Most people suffering from constipation might find it painful to empty bowels and can also experience straining, bloating and a sensation of a full bowel. There are several factors which can cause constipation. It occurs due to over absorption of water by the colon. Lack of fiber in the diet, dehydration, abuse of laxatives, milk, medications, lack of physical activity and  pregnancy all result in constipation. Besides these it could also be a result of, irritable bowel syndrome, aging, travel, problem with the colon or rectum, problem with the intestinal function and ignoring the urge of bowel movements. There are several home remedies which can help constipation. To get relief from constipation, quite a lot of people use enema.

enema is a process in which large amount of water is introduced into the colon. The rectum is used as an opening to introduce the water. This helps in cleansing the colon. When enema is administered, the water stays in the lower part of the colon for some time. Almost immediately one might feel an urge to empty bowels. Thus it helps in passing the stools when it is difficult or painful. Enema can be used by anyone, but if administered without proper care, it can cause more problems than benefit. If the same equipment is shared, the germs can pass to another person leading to serious problems. Other illnesses and diseases can crop up due to this. Overuse of enema can affect the normal process of emptying bowels. There is a very huge possibility that the colon might get used to the enemas and become dependent on enemas for bowel movements.

Due to the complications which enema can cause, it is advised not to use enema without consulting a doctor. Also it is better to use home remedies which can help improve bowel movements and stop constipation. The seeds of the guava fruit are said to improve bowel movements. Eat the seeds of guava and have at least one or two guavas daily. Squeeze half a lime in hot water and add a teaspoon of salt in it. Drink this every night before going to sleep. Maintain a simple and balanced diet. Avoid junk food and fried food. Do not eat food hurriedly and chew it properly.

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