Garlic for weight loss and sexual potency

Garlic for weight loss is an effective natural methods for those keen on losing some weight. Garlic is effective for weight loss on account of the active ingredient in garlic that is known as allicin. Garlic is known to act as an effective appetite suppressant and is therefore effective for weight loss. The strong and pungent odor of garlic is known to stimulate that part of the brain that makes the individual feel satiated thereby reducing their need to eat. Garlic for weight loss works because garlic tends to increase the sensitivity of the brain to a hormone known as leptin that is produced by the fat cell in order to regulate ones appetite. Another reason why garlic is used to aid weight loss is that garlic tends to result in the release of the hormone known as adrenalin. It does so by stimulating the nervous system of the individual and this in turn speeds up the metabolic rate. An increase in the metabolic rate of an individual results in more calories being burnt, thereby causing the person to lose weight. In some parts of the world, garlic is also considered to be an aphrodisiac as the chemical substance that gives garlic its aroma is known to be present in the sexual secretions of a female.

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Does garlic have any side effects?    

Although garlic is known to be a very healthy herbal remedy and spice that has been used over the years there are also certain side effects of garlic supplements which are being increasingly used nowadays. Some  of the common side effects of garlic supplements are sweating, body odor, a burning sensation in ones throat and mouth, diarrhea, nausea as well as bad breath. Some of the other side effects which occur on account of the medical properties of garlic are allergic reactions in the form of swelling of the tongues, lips and face, difficulty in breathing as well as closing of one’s throat. One of the medical properties of garlic is that it is known to be an effective blood thinner. Hence the side effects of garlic supplements may be an adverse interaction of garlic with medications that are being consumed for certain blood related medical conditions. Hence before consuming garlic or any such herbs one should always check with their doctor for any possible harmful reactions. In some cases side effects of garlic supplements may be observed on account of the enteric coating that these garlic supplements my have. Garlic is also known to be high in antioxidants and is known to have low amount of toxicity which could result in side effects at times.

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What are the health benefits of eating garlic?

There are a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables that have been recommended for their good nutritional value and for the good qualities that they produce. Garlic is one such product that has innumerable positive benefits. Having been named the ‘wonder herb’ for all its properties, one of the greatest benefits of eating garlic lies in its ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Apart from this, garlic is also said to be a naturally occurring antibiotic and has proven to be of great use in curing a large variety of illnesses, including the common flu. Another advantage of garlic being added to the daily diet is that it helps in lowering the chances of suffering from acne. There are, however, certain things that people should be careful of when consuming garlic on a regular basis. Although it has a great deal of positive properties, it can leave one with what is termed as ‘garlic breath’. When taken with other antibiotics and medications, there could be side effects that were not previously expected. Consumed in the right amounts, garlic can be of great use in helping to stay healthy. However, when taken in excess, garlic consumption could lead to a damage of the digestive tract because of its potency.

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Garlic does not increase or decrease weight although it has several health benefits. Hence to answer your question if a person with low weight uses it, it will not reduce his weight. There are in numerous benefits of garlic. It has a powerful effect on healing wounds and is also a very good disinfectant.

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