Different exercises to lose weight on your waist and hips

Is there a need of cardio to reduce the weight in women?

Cardiological fat burning exercise is the fastest and most effective way to remove excess fat and develop a strong musculature exactly where and when it is needed. If you want to lose weight rapidly, then your best bet is cardio exercises along with strict diet control. This combination can show results in as little as a week. However, it is important for you to know that once you have started with cardio exercises, you should continue with them well after you have reached your target weight and size. This is because if you stop, all you will accomplish is that you will gain weight all over again. And not only will you gain it rapidly, you will also end up gaining much more than you originally lost. As a result of this, you will have ended up putting on more weight effectively.

If you want to enter the kind of exercise program wherein you want to lose weight and keep it off, you are better off doing Yoga. Yoga is a callisthenic form of exercise; that is, it will help you to locate and target specific places on your body where you want weight to be reduced. For instance, there are different exercises to lose weight on your waist and hips than there are to lose weight on your legs and stomach. Also, the slow and steady pace with which you can follow Yoga will not only be slow in making you lose weight, it will be equally slow in making you put it back on as well. Once you stop with Yoga, then you will not suddenly bloat or put on irrational amounts of weight. Brisk walking is also another way to lose weight slowly, but steadily and permanently.

It is important for you to know, however, that no matter which routine of exercise you choose to follow, it will not really be effective for you unless you accompany it with a proper regimen of diet as well. In order to lose weight effectively, you will have to embark upon the two fold course of cutting down your diet and hiking up the exercise quotient of your program. This will not only show long term and permanent results, it will also be more effective in keeping weight off. Essentially, keeping the weight off should be your goal. Remember to cut back on carbohydrates, but not eliminate them, as they are the main providers of energy to function.

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