Ear Infection and Hydrogen Peroxide: I was told that Hydrogen Peroxide is a cure for an inner ear infection. Is this true? Last time I went to the doctor for this problem they gave me antibiotics that gave me diarrhea really bad. I would like a home remed

Hydrogen peroxide has proved to be extremely beneficial in treating a whole range of ailments. People have been using this liquid, which is antibacterial in nature, to apply on cuts, scrapes and even to treat more serious conditions. However, it must be cautioned that the use of hydrogen peroxide, as far as ear infections go, is debatable. This is especially true in the case of inner ear infections. This is because hydrogen peroxide seems to work more in case of ear wax buildup than for treatment of infections. A lot of people swear by the use of this to clear out ear wax. They also claim that it helps in the case of minor problems like ear ache and ringing in one’s ears. However, the advisability of pouring hydrogen peroxide down one’s ear is highly debatable. This is not an acid to be taken lightly or used frivolously since it can be detrimental to health. It is certainly not to be used if there is the problem of perforation of one’s ear drums. Moreover, if there is bleeding, such as on account of an injury, this solution is not to be used.

Furthermore, if the infection is in the inner ear, rather than a general problem with the outer ear, the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide is questionable. The nerves are to be found in the inner ear and if you get an infection there, it is not one that can simply be drained. Typically such infections which afflict the inner ear go away without treatment. However, it would be best to let an ear specialist or your doctor examine the ear that has been infected. A lot of us mean well and use so called harmless home remedies for treatments they were not intended for.

As far as home treatments go, that ear infection might simply require rest and a little treatment at home. Talk to your doctor about drops you could use and mention the reaction you had to the previously recommended medication. If your infection is accompanied by pain, then the ear ache solution might lie in heat, such as use of a heating pad. It would be important, if you have an ear problem, to steer clear of smoking or being around people who smoke. It must be said that a doctor’s visit is your best chance of preventing further problems with your ear. Your ear is very delicate and can be easily damaged.

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