Remedy To Treat Ear Piercing Infection: Need Remedy For Infected Ear Piercing. Kindly Help.

Ear piercing needs to be done only with properly sterilized instruments and at a clean and hygienic place. Oftentimes, lack of proper precaution leads to infection after piercing. Also, the metal that is inserted in the ear after piercing may cause irritation and give a feel of infection. Although, stainless steel, silver, gold generally do not react with the skin, it is best to use platinum. Other causes that can give rise to infection at the area of piercing are – exposure to chemicals and cosmetics; pressure or friction on the pierced flesh; poor hygiene and lack of care. An infection due to piercing often has symptoms of pain and irritation in and around the pierced area accompanied by fever. Generally, the infection heals on its own in due time and does not require any special medication; just the usual methods to keep it clean and hygienic suffice. However, if the infection doesn’t show any signs of healing, and the pain and irritation does not subside, you might be required to consult a physician and undergo specific medical treatment.

The first thing to do when you detect infection is to clean the infected area properly. Hydrogen peroxide solution is usually used for cleaning the infected area. But, since you have mentioned that it is not bringing the desired effect, you can try some other methods. Use warm saline water to clean the infected area of the ear. Keep the salinity mild, as it may be harmful to use a solution with high salt content. Soak cotton balls into this solution and gently apply on the infected skin. However, care should be taken to use non-iodized salt only (for example, pure sea salt or Epsom salt) because iodine is not good for the piercing infection. Also ensure that the skin is wiped clean and dried properly after each wash because any moisture left on the skin will further aggravate the infection. To ensure that the area has properly dried after the wash, you can apply hot compress on the area with a clean warm pad. In fact, you can also keep tissue papers handy to wipe off the moistness from time to time.

It is also good to eat a nutritious diet consisting of vitamin C, zinc, and other essential minerals. A little bit of extra garlic in the diet can also help heal the infection. Most piercing infections generally heal on their own; so, be a little patient and do not try to expedite things. In case you think it is taking more than the usual time, ask for medical treatment from a doctor.

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